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Email MarketingEvery business or marketer has several great tools at their disposal. All of these tools exist to help make businesses grow. From old school methods of direct mail, to the faster, instant gratification methods of today’s high tech digital world like search marketing and email marketing, there are a lot of tools for businesses and marketers to choose from.

Deciding which of these tools are going to go the longest way towards helping your business grow can be tricky. You don’t want to invest all of your time, money and efforts into just one of them and you don’t want to dedicate to little to the most successful tools. Is there one tool at your disposal that beats them all? You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is indeed one powerful tool that consistently beats them all. That one tool is email marketing.

How Could Something As Simple As Email Be So Powerful?

While there might be plenty of other very powerful tools at your disposal, none of them offer as much power as email, but email is only going to be extremely powerful if you manage to do it correctly. Email messaging provides so many powerful benefits that you won’t find in other marketing tools. Email offers you:

  • More flexibility
  • More control
  • More of a personal touch
  • More ownership
  • A fine tuned audience

How Can You Turn Something As Simple As Email Into the Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Email marketing is much more than “Dear Reader, click here for the most fantastic deal in the universe.” The right email can influence, persuade, provide and enrich the person reading it. This is why email can be so powerful and here is what you can do to make it the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

It all comes down to one word and that word is power. Email has four power points or strengths that no other marketing tool has.

  • Audience – Email allows you to target a very specific audience that is more likely to take action.
  • Influence – The right email has the power to influence people to take action. Be it making a purchase, clicking a link or simply responding.
  • Opinions – Emails give you the chance to interact and provide your own personal opinion.
  • Persuasion – Emails provide the power to persuade your audience.

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These are four very powerful traits you simply won’t find in other marketing tools. If you are not currently using email as part of your marketing methods, then you are missing out on a great deal of business. If you are currently using email, then make sure you include the four main power points in all of your emails in order to unleash the real power of email marketing.

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