Autoresponders: Which Autoresponder Is Right For Your Business?


Online businesses today need to be more proactive and dynamic to combat heavy competition in the market through advanced technology tools and solutions. The myriad of important and urgent processes involved in any online business venture leaves little time for the business owner or marketer to handle all operations productively. Hence, it is necessary to consider advanced marketing and operations tools and resources to better equip business entrepreneurs in building their online business.

Auto-responder Dynamics

Internet or online businesses that wish to expand rapidly and remain relevant in the market today must consider the indulgence of an auto-responder. This dynamic software program is designed to send out pre-set responses automatically to mails that use the business auto-responder address. This is an excellent business communication system as it functions on a 24/7 basis without fail except for technical problems.

An impactful online business would find the auto-responder essential in taking a load off the business owner who could be besieged by a host of other crucial business decisions and activities. An auto-responder helps the entrepreneur save time and effort with the handling of mundane but necessary marketing processes such as collating opt-in potential leads’ contact information, generating and mailing off welcome mails to first time subscribers, updating mailing list data and generating market reports that are useful to marketers or entrepreneurs in keeping pace with the market changes.

An auto-responder could be pre-set to multi-task on various important marketing activities that include sending out generic thank you letters and monthly newsletters, update subscribers on the latest product or brand information such as training courses and online contests or promotions. These subscribers would not miss an attractive promotion or discounted offer with an auto-responder that manages the sending out of such mail automatically and systematically at the right allotted times.

The results are tremendous with favorable responses to the marketing campaigns implemented as the marketer or entrepreneur reaps more sales and profits without exerting much effort or time. The auto-responder could be programmed to handle a lot of different marketing activities effortlessly in a timely manner to achieve the desired business objectives or marketing goals by understanding auto-responder dynamics.


Types of Auto-Responders

The right choice of auto-responder helps business owners or marketers gain more potential leads, customers, sales and profits. The choice of auto-responder depends on the business requirements and type of online marketing campaigns targeted for implementation.

1) Paid Auto-responder Services

A paid auto-responder service is rendered through an established and reliable web-based service provider company that hosts the business mailing list on their server. The entrepreneur needs to upload pre-written mails with preferred sent-out dates to the server for activation.

As this is a paid professional service, it could be considered a reliable choice of auto-responder system which entrepreneurs could hire. The monthly fee is affordable depending on the quality of outcomes based on customer feedback. More advanced features are offered as the competitive service company is upgraded with new technology solutions and tools over time depending on market changes.

2) Free Auto-responder Services

Free auto-responder services offer fewer marketing processes as the services rendered are free. These services are rendered by auto-responder service companies that would place their ads on the marketer’s website or mails.

Some of these free auto-responder service companies may put a couple of ads from third parties on the marketers’ mails. The third parties ads could be a boon or a bane to the entrepreneur depending on the type of business is advocated by the marketer.

3) Web Host Auto-responders

If the business entrepreneur engages a paid web host for hosting their website, it is likely that a free auto-responder comes with the package deal. A webhost auto-responder has limited features which are basic in nature for the sending out of emails to the business mailing list.

No follow-up message service is provided without any option given to capture potential leads info that comes through the auto-responder. This would be an ideal service for new and novice marketers who are inexperienced with auto-responders.

4) Software Auto-responders

This auto-responder system comprises software that offers an autopilot which handles business process operations without monthly fees. An easy setup allows unlimited follow-up replies with capturing respondents’ names and contact information for further marketing actions.