Common Mistakes

Do Not Make These Common List Building Mistakes


Internet businesses realize the importance of building a mailing list to be competitive in the market but many marketers lack the knowledge of potential pitfalls of building the list. It is crucial to secure a permission-based leads list of subscribers who opted-in for business emails.

There are certain common mistakes which should be avoided by Internet marketers in succeeding at list building to enjoy a lucrative online business career.

1) It’s NOT the size

A good mailing list is not based on the size of the list, but its quality and continual growth. Business owners and marketers must not get hooked up on building a big list only. Thousands of subscribers do not necessarily bring in the money if these do not make purchases or support the brand personally.

Quality is more important than quantity for the business. Quality subscribers are those who are open or receptive to the brand and business with a strong inclination to support the brand and offers especially when there are certain benefits attached.

2) Don’t Overdo the Freebies

It is easy to attract a lot of attention from all walks of life with free giveaways that are appealing to web consumers. Many consumers do not mind, opting in to the business mailing list as long as the freebie is appealing. They could just say no or ignore further mails that clamor them for purchases or opt out after procuring the desired freebies.

Using free giveaways may be an attractive strategy in drawing web consumers to the brand and business, but not necessarily targeted potential leads which would support the business. Giving freebies could be costly depending on the type and quantity; this strategy may backfire without a proper marketing campaign with a targeted audience.

3) No Personal Engagement

If the mailing list gets too big, marketers or business owners may not have the time to engage with each one personally for building relations. Many interested consumers who have opted in may feel neglected and opt out of the list. Time and effort must be applied to engage with all subscribers to determine if the subscribers are the preferred business prospects or otherwise. This would build up a more meaningful list to boost business operations.

4) Buying Subscribers Randomly

Internet marketers should not be so desperate that they resort to random list building. There are too many unscrupulous list building suppliers in the market who are ready to sell useless leads to unsuspecting or desperate marketers with empty promises.

Marketers should check out the viability of the leads and the reliability of the suppliers before engaging in such sales as some leads lists could be rather expensive especially if the outcomes are not lucrative enough. Unscrupulous leads list suppliers may be generating invalid email addresses or using subscribers not opted into their mailing lists.

5) Be Cautious of “Guaranteed” Lists

There is no “free lunch” or guaranteed leads that would match the marketers’ requirements exactly as there are myriads of different consumers in the market. A big list would normally comprise useful and useless leads just to satisfy the number game first.

Marketers would need to put in the effort to convince and convert many leads into subscribers and customers through a dynamic customer relationship rather than assume a guaranteed potential prospect for the business. No modern consumer would join any business unless there are specific benefits guaranteed.

6) Spamming Activities

Although marketers may not admit it, their action of sending out excessive number of promo emails to their targeted niche audiences is construed as spamming. These marketers are trying too hard to win as many subscribers as possible into their mailing list or business, but modern consumers do not like their inbox flooded with too many similar mails especially from one source.

Marketers should send out emails that contain relevant information for their subscribers to make a favorable decision for their brand or business. Business updates should be seasonal to keep subscribers posted on what happens soon which consumers should take note of to avoid missing a good deal.


List building is a powerful Internet marketing strategy that could benefit marketers who understand its dynamics for a proper application by avoiding the common mistakes.