Email Tips

5 Tips For Writing Engaging Email Copy


Email marketing is becoming popular amongst online businesses as this marketing strategy could reach massive recipients with one mail. However, there are certain tips that marketers should take on to enhance their email marketing success.

Tip#1 – Easy to Read Contents

Modern web consumers are busy individuals who do not like to waste time on long emails just to get the benefits from the promo mail.  Hence, marketers should pick up excellent writing skills when producing a dynamic promo email that introduces or recommends the brand or business products and services.

Besides using good grammar and sentence construction without spelling errors, research reveals that consumers prefer to read shorter sentences and paragraphs for an easy digestion of content. Consumer attention span has reduced dramatically with heavier commitments in life and work that have pressured consumers into preferring a quick read for a fast understanding of contents before making an immediate purchase decision.

Promo emails must be well written to be appealing, entertaining and precise that makes scanning through the contents easy and quick without losing the crux of the matter. The use of attractive images and subheading as well as catchy email titles helps to draw attention to the email for a definite opening and a full read. These well thought components motivate email recipients to scan through the email purposefully to grasp the contents and enjoy the business benefits.

A teaser included at the top of the email would serve to attract the readers besides getting a feel of what is in stored in the mail. The subject-line should be a catchy phrase that is appealing with a specific relation to the email content or offer.

Tip#2 – Friendly Tone

An effective promo email must be written in a friendly tone that is informal to invite subscribers in opening the mail as if it were from a friend rather than a marketer. The email should be written in a natural and casual manner as if addressing a buddy rather than a business prospect. A personalized email with the first name of the subscriber in the greetings makes the recipients feel valued and personal.

Tip#3 – Know the Recipients

Successful email marketing requires marketers to know their subscribers in terms of what spending behavior and preferences they have before introducing products for sale. When the right products are recommended based on subscriber needs and preference, there would be a higher rate of success in sales as subscribers would feel a relevancy of the promoted or recommended items in the email.

This would make the email marketing campaign more effective with a higher sales rate.

Tip#4 – Value Proposition

The email must contain a value proposition that would interest the subscribers as they read the content. A proper research on the needs and buying preferences of the subscriber would help marketers formulate the right marketing plan with an effective email containing a value proposition that is just too good to resist.

The email should also list out the benefits of the proposed product promoted on the contents that are of value to the subscriber who would be compelled to make a purchase decision after reading the email.

Tip#5 – Unique Selling Point

Good marketers are those who could convince consumers to buy something which they don’t really need or want. A dynamic email must be well written with a unique selling point listed that is really enticing to every email recipient. This unique selling point stirs up the interest or curiosity of the consumer to want to have the product recommended in the email.

Strong reasons to make a purchase immediately are listed in the email to convince the subscriber on call-to-action option. Marketers need to project the advantages of the recommended products clearly in the email with a strong preference over its competitors. Such information helps make the email copy stand out above the many that flood the inbox of the subscriber.


A well written email must be engaging and enticing to the subscriber who must be motivated to open the mail, read its contents and be convinced to take the necessary action that benefits the business and marketer.

An email that stands out from the crowd would be certain of a favorable response to grow the business bottom line with the desired sales.