Subscriber Tips

Email Marketing – 3 Tips on How to Keep Your Subscribers 


Email marketing is known to be a very powerful marketing tool that is popularly used by many online business marketers to build a strong mailing list. Building a list is not difficult; building a strong and effective list is. Marketers must continuously work hard on engaging the leads to be supportive subscribers in their mailing list so that there is time to work on them to become customers instead of remaining as background subscribers in the list.

After Opting In…

Once the potential leads opt into the business mailing list, marketers must activate their strategic marketing plan in drawing them into the brand community through enticing and persuasive emails over time.

Subscribers who are agreeable to receive brand updates and business news from their opt-in action must enjoy the emails sent out regularly in their inbox. Hence, a clear value proposition must be displayed in the email to stir the interest and curiosity of the subscriber for more; better still an immediate buy!

This could be generated through special offers or free giveaways that would obligate subscribers to a purchase of the recommended product or continue to look forward to more news updates from the brand or business.

Caution & Danger

Getting the potential leads to opt into the business or brand mailing list is usually not difficult with the myriad of dynamic marketing tools and services such as PPC and list builder sites in the market. However, it is a challenge to keep these subscribers in the list for a long time, especially if they are not convinced to become customers yet.

Modern Internet businesses are obliged to include an ‘unsubscribe’ option in every email sent out to subscribers on their mailing list just as there is an opt-in feature for a consented subscription. Hence, it is possible for the subscribers to opt out or unsubscribe from the mailing list if the emails are uninteresting or unbeneficial to them. It is critical for marketers to send the right types of emails to every subscriber that would keep these subscribers locked into the business mailing list for further engagements with the brand and marketer.

Opt-in subscribers must be worked on diligently by marketers through creative and innovative promo emails that would convince subscribers to become customers.

1) Free Giveaways

Consumers love a free giveaway or freebie from the brand or business as a trial sampler. Not many want to pay for a product which they are unsure of but they do not mind a sampler to check out its effectiveness before becoming hooked on the product. This is the primary effect of freebies to potential leads who become subscribers when they earn a freebie in exchange for their contact details.

Marketers could offer different free giveaways at different seasons to keep subscribers interested in the brand and business instead of opting out or moving over to competitors. Marketers must wisely identify the consumer preferences of the subscriber in order to offer the best giveaways that would not be refused. Subscribers would be obligated to stay on in the mailing list after receiving freebies while expecting more to come their way.

2) No Hard Selling

Good marketers do not rush in for the kill. Subscribers could get frightened off by the aggressive marketing by desperate or over-enthusiastic marketers. That is why time must be taken to build up a strong and respectful relationship between the subscriber and marketer. Once a good relationship is established, there would be trust and respect between both parties before the marketer identifies the right occasion to recommend the right products to the subscriber.

By this time, the marketer should have gotten to know the needs and preferences of the subscriber from consumer behavior and buying preferences to make the right product or service recommendation that would not be rejected when recommended.

3) Provide Feasible Solutions

When the marketer is able to supply favorable solutions that meet the actual needs of the subscriber, there would be a good spark generated to establish the relationship between the marketer and subscriber.

It would be easy for marketers to propose any product to the subscriber for a purchase because the proposed recommendation would be viewed as viable to the subscriber.