How Often Should You Email?

The question that has baffled almost every email marketer (including me) is “how often should I mail my list?”.

Personally, I’ve struggled with this a lot.

I’d go months and months without ever sending a single email to you and then I’d go weeks where you might hear from me multiple times in a day…

It’s sporadic, it’s unorganized, and breaks a rule that I always have in my business…

The main rule that I live be in business these days is…

“Build Systems”

I create systems around every task that needs to get done. I have schedules and systems for content creation, for advertising, for handling emails, for handling consulting, for doing calls, for conducting interviews, etc… It’s all systematized.

But email… I’ve always “flown by the seat of my pants”.

As someone who’s been paying attention lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that has changed.

You’ve probably noticed that you receive an email from me every day now.

I’m sure some emails interest you and some get quickly archived and ignored… (I’m ok with that).

The point is that I’ve created a system…

I was scared to email too often and I did something even worse… I emailed too little.

What was I scared of?

Here’s common objections people might have to emailing daily…

1. People will get mad that I’m emailing too often…

My response: I’ve never been mad that I get too many emails… I just unsubscribe when I get overwhelmed.

2. I’ll get a lot of unsubscribes…

My response: People who unsubscribe aren’t interested in what you have to say… You’re saving money by pruning your list to only the people that enjoy hearing from you.

3. I don’t have enough to write about…

My response: Surprisingly, every time I sit down to write, I manage to think of something to write about… Sometimes I’ll just start typing things like “I’m not sure what I’m going to say but here it goes…” The next thing I know I’ve written a long email and I need to go shorten it up.

4. People will get sick of me.

My response: I’ve seen exactly the opposite. The more I write and the more I share, the more I tend to get positive feedback and replies from people telling me they enjoy my emails and hearing from me.

5. The amount of opens and clicks will go down…

My response: Actually, I’ve seen no evidence, so far, that emailing daily has caused less opens or less clicks. The time I send, the day I send on, and the subject line make a much bigger impact than the frequency…

Today, marks one week of me mailing every single day and I’ve been blown away by the response.

I’m getting more opens and more clicks on my emails than I used to but, more importantly, I’m getting dramatically more engagement!

I’ve been getting people hitting reply and thanking me or sharing stories about how relevant my email was to them. I’ve been getting comments and feedback on the blog. I’ve been getting more people purchasing the courses I have to offer and reaching out for consulting…

Across the board, everything has been improving.

So I wanted to take this opportunity, on this fine Saturday morning, to share these insights and tell you about my experience after a week of daily mailings.

Hopefully this will inspire you to build your mailing list so you can create an amazing outlet like this and, if you have a list already, hopefully this will help you realize that people do want to hear from you. Give mailing more often a shot!

Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about mailing more often.

I’d love your comments and feedback if you haven’t offered them up already. :)


Author: wolfeweb

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